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KFC Vietnam

KFC in you, Always Original!

KFC is the abbreviation of Kentucky Fried Chicken, a brand and operating segment of Yum! International Restaurant Group (United States)...

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Why KFC Vietnam?

KFC is the abbreviation of Kentucky Fried Chicken, a brand and operating segment of Yum! International Restaurant Group (United States). KFC sells fried chicken, a kind of fast-food which has become more and more popular in populated countries worldwide. Today, KFC chain is present in 109 nations and territories all over the world, with more than 20,000 restaurants serving 12 millions guests everyday.

In 1997, KFC opened its first restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. To this day, this fast-food restaurants chain has extended its presence to over 140 restaurants in 19 cities and provinces of Vietnam, providing work for more than 3,000 people and making considerable contributions to Vietnam’s fast-food industry as well as to the formation of a new consumption habit and culinary culture in the areas where KFC is present.

With almost 20 years of building and developing Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants in Vietnam under the global standard of Yum! International, KFC Vietnam is on the way of consecutive growth and conquering at potential cities and provinces. 

The successful accomplishments that KFC Vietnam has acquired today coming from our people who are living and working with the spirit of “How We Win Together” for the mission of making KFC Vietnam become a great place to work.

Let join us to bring the satisfaction and so-good taste of KFC to everyone across the country. KFC in you, Always Original!

The culture “How We Win Together” is the motivation and target of all people at KFC Vietnam. So that, we can altogether build a leading company who always brings out the so-good taste in each product, lights up a happy smile on the face of every satisfied customer and fills each staff member with pride to work and live their lives in KFC Vietnam family! 

Believe in all people

We trust in positive intentions and believe everyone has the potential to make a difference.

We actively seek diversity in others to expand our thinking and make the best decision.

We coach and support every individual to grow to their full capability.

Be restaurant and customer maniacs…NOW!

We love running great restaurants and our customers rule. We act with urgency to ensure every customer sees it and feels it in every restaurant. We make sure we have great RGMs who build great teams. We are maniacal about rigorous execution of our core processes to deliver our Brand Standards as our #1 brand building initiative. It’s the foundation for making customer mania come alive.

Go for breakthrough

We begin by asking ourselves, "What can I do NOW to get breakthrough results in my piece of Yum?!" Our intentionality drives step change thinking. We imagine how big something can be and work future-back, going full out with positive energy and personal accountability to make it happen.

Build know how

We grow by being avid learners, pursuing knowledge and best practices inside and outside our company. We seek truth over harmony every step of the way. We consistently drive outstanding execution by scaling our learnings into process and tools around what matters most. Breakthroughs come when we get people with knowledge thinking creatively.

Take the hill teamwork

We team together to drive action versus activity. We discuss the undiscussable, always promoting healthy debate and healthy decisions. Our relationships allow us to ask the earth of each other. We make specific verbal contracts to get big things done with urgency and excellence.

Recognize! recognize! recognize!

We attract and retain the best people and inspire greatness by being world famous for recognition. We love celebrating the achievement of others and have lots of fun doing it!

Our conscientious leaders drive the entire organization for breakthrough results. They build and develop our corporate culture. They maintain daily and open communication. Everyone understands the vision and goals of the organization, and everyone has input into how they can be improved. Employees feel that they are an important part of the whole and that every job matters within the company. Decisions for promotions are based on picking people of integrity whose talents and experience best fit the positions. Employees are encouraged to compete with their own best to get ahead and they understand that helping their coworkers to succeed is the best way to get ahead themselves. The result of good leadership is high morale, good employee retention, and sustainable long-term success.

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